1. Promote your Brand with InChat Ads/Banners
  2. Receive your Website visitors while even asleep with QuickHelp's TalkingWebsite
  3. Make money by integrating the QuickHelp's Widget on your website
  4. Get more leads for your business within your community
  5. Sell Airtime to the People you trust, while they pay you later!
  6. Get more business for your Taxi Cab or Okada!

Instant Help, wherever, whenever

 QuickHelp's Partnership Opportunities

QuickHelp is a mobile contact service that operates as an accredited source for accessing contact information of much needed help on demand. It was also enabled to provide on-demand filtered and smart information, as against the use of cumbersome directory services or search engines.

QuickHelp is being created to champion the future of search, airtime recharge, eCommerce and AI enabled e-Education in Nigeria, and subsequently all over Africa, by adopting proven AI technologies.

QuickHelp Channels

QuickHelp’s services are presently functional on:

  1. The Website (quickhelp.com.ng)
  2. Facebook (https://web.facebook.com/iquickhelp?_rdc=1&_rdr)
  3. Messenger (https://web.facebook.com/messages/t/iQuickHelp?_rdc=1&_rdr)
  4. Twitter (https://twitter.com/iQuickhelp)
  5. Mobile App (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ng.com.quickhelp&hl=en)
  6. Widgets: QuickHelp runs a free Chatbot creating App named TalkingWebsite (https://quickhelp.com.ng/talkingwebsite) that enables developers own QuickHelp on their websites.

QuickHelp’s Business Partnership models

The Merit package:
A free directory enlisting service for our customers i.e. the service providers/entrepreneurs. This directory enlists the very best services providers in their various fields that have undergone our strict screening process to prove their credibility.

The Premium package: This is a monthly based paid directory enlisting service. It provides service providers especially start-ups with the opportunity of being an exclusive and frequently promoted alternative to the merit directory contact information in their field at every consumer’s request.
Price: 10 USD/Month/Business

The Sponsors package: This is a service available for the sole purpose of promotions. It is also has an exclusive feature that provides a platform for clients (or partners) to improve their brand relevance by being constantly featured as a sponsor at every consumer’s request based on a  weekly, monthly or yearly contract based package. Please contact Sales for Pricing.

Talking Website Widget Partnerships (BETA): Install QuickHelp's Talking Website Widget on your website and earn credits on the QuickHelp Ads Ecosystem (QAE). 

Advertisements types and rates on QuickHelp (13th June, 2019)

  1. Exclusive Brand Take-over (500USD/Month)*
  1. Shared Website Background Banner take-Over (10 USD/Day)*
  2. Inchat call to action – conversational, linkout (5USD/Day)*
  3. Text Second response -Every Chatbot response is followed by a Text Ad-(15USD/Day)*
  4. Media Second response- Every Chatbot response is followed by a media Ad e.g graphics, buttons, videos-(25USD/Day)*
  5. Keyword Targeting- Every request based on a particular keyword displays your Ad Inchat (50USD/10 keywords/Month)* **
  6. Location Targeting-Every location based request displays your Ad Inchat (30USD/city/month)* ***


Advertisements Contacts

For Further Information, or requests, please contact:
Tosin on +2348139737650, 09090004357
Detayo on +234 9099994357


*All prices are negotiable, based on the scope and volume.
**Some words are reserved and may not qualify as keywords.
***Some locations are presently not covered by QuickHelp, locations may however be activated on request
****All prices are subject to change.



Business Directory

QuickHelp is designed to get businesses discovered and rapidly help gain traction! The QuickHelp database of artisans, SMEs and company profiles is always updated, so you are armed with desired business contact. Moreover, you can jump in and become listed by just trying "I want to register my business".


QuickCredit is an airtime recharge service on QuickHelp that allows you get instant credit while you pay later! To test this service, just try a request like “I need airtime“. The new service on QuickHelp becomes the fastest way to recharge airtime without having to touch your bank account!

QuickHelp Taxi

QuickHelp can rapidly help you get a taxicab with QuickHelp Taxi. To test the service, just make a request like "I need a Taxi". Planned in Partnership with Lagos State Taxi Drivers And Cab Operator Association, Quickhelp Taxi is a sure and very simple and safe alternative for the rest of us.

We appreciate your feedback!

QuickHelp Nigeria
Kajola-Akile (Modomo), off Ede Road, Ile-Ife

Phone: (+234 8139 737 650)