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About Talking Website

Talking Website is an AI powered Widget that rapidly installs a chatbot on your website. With Talking Website, the FAQ is now history as the widget simply enables your website converse with your website visitors, providing the right instant responses, and taking note of their concerns.Talking Website's backend script, Knowledge Script (QKnows) is so simple that anyone can immediately create a very smart chatbot in seconds.

Website Reader

With 'Quick-E', the custom TW virtual agent, you needn't provide bulky training data-sets to enrich your Conversation User Interface (CUI) as she has the capability of reading your website, and learning from your content on the go in addition to dashboard training!


The Talking Website Widget also introduces all the capabilities of the QuickHelp services on you website, turning your website into a powerful community service hub thereby gaining more visitors and leads for your business.


The QuickHelp’s Knowledge Script (QKnows) is a NLP system used on QuickHelp's Talking Website Dashboard. The QKnows is written in Knowledge Entities (Knowets). Knowets are scripted data sets engaged to ‘train’ the chatbots. See documentation here


QuickHelp's Talking Website is Free! However, to enjoy custom features and support, you will need to enrol for the premium offer.

Free Plan

Single Agent per website, Default Chatbot Theme only, Limited Knowet Counts, Call to action, Audio Responses, Speech recognition, Partnership Opportunities

Premium Plan

All features in the Free Plan, Multiple Agents per website, Custom Themes, Image recognition, Sentiment and entity analysis, Mood detection, Automatic Website reader, Digital Marketing Automation, QuickHelp TurnOff Control

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