Ten Reasons why you must be on QuickHelp


QuickHelp is a FREE community based business locator built with SMS. Here are some reasons why your business must be on QuickHelp:

  1. Hassle Free: No need for internet or Apps! QuickHelp facilitates a connection between a service provider and the customer in a seamless, hassle-free and significantly secure manner by adopting the SMS and Chatbot technologies.
  2. Very Fair: QuickHelp’s algorithm was created to move existing businesses out of obscurity and give registered startups the much needed publicity for business survival. On QuickHelp, everyone is a VIP! The QuickHelp  requests are developed to randomly sort from the database until every entry is served.
  3. Safety First: You personal data is safer in your community, not on some labyrinth hosted somewhere by total strangers. In addition, QuickHelp is safe because it is primarily a SMS service, engaging only duly registered telephone numbers of businesses and service providers, which can be tracked whenever necessary.
  4. Screened Listings: Service providers or businesses on QuickHelp are ALWAYS verified before enlisted. Moreover, the service is strictly location based which reduces the risk of fraud or misinformation. QuickHelp Community Directory Managers are recruited to manage the directory actively, and to engage in periodic verification.
  5. Data not needed: QuickHelp is for everyone! At the moment, any mobile phone can use the QuickHelp service because it is SMS based. This allows the service to reach people who do not use smart phones or data or who would simply not bother to “play with apps”.
  6. Instant Job Opportunities: QuickHelp provides instant job opportunities for prospective QuickHelp Community Directory Manager who oversee the businesses within a radius of 5 KM from their registered contact address.
  7. Life Saver: The QuickHelp platform can save a life! Imagine being stuck in a remote town with two flat tires with a sick child in the car; Help is just an SMS away!
  8. Free!: QuickHelp’s community service is absolutely free! Anyone can signup on the website or subscribe via SMS to claim a category and post a business, service, product or event.
  9. Premium Benefits: QuickHelp can rapidly help boost your business. Premium business entries enjoy instant notification of service requests, ad opportunities on the SMS platform, on the website or on the mobile app.
  10. Pre-paid Benefits: For premium end-users, QuickHelp offer pre-paid benefits too, like being able to make a request without having airtime. QuickHelp also provide voice and logistics support within the target community for premium users of the platform.

How do I register my business?

  1. Just start a chat and tell QuickHelp “I want to register!“.