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Why QuickHelp?


QuickHelp is an AI based business directory and personal emergency services system (PESS) created to be free for all communities located in Nigeria! Our pledge is that we shall always maintain the free directory service!

Very Fair

QuickHelp’s random algorithm was created to move existing businesses out of obscurity and give registered startups the much needed publicity for business survival. On QuickHelp, everyone is a VIP!

Safety First

We are accountable to you and your personal data is safer in your community, not on some labyrinth hosted somewhere by total strangers! The QuickHelp Philosophy centres on giving communities ownership of their data!

Screened Listings

Service providers or businesses on QuickHelp are verified before enlisted. QuickHelp Community Directory Managers are recruited to manage the directory actively, and to engage in periodic verification.

Offline Capabilties!

QuickHelp can also reach people who do not use smartphones or data or who would simply not bother to “play with apps”, by enabling SMS and USSD QuickHelp channels via the short code: *345*047#

Instant Job Opportunities

QuickHelp provides instant job opportunities for prospective QuickHelp Community Directory Managers who can oversee the businesses within a radius of 5 KM from their registered contact address.

Life Saver

The QuickHelp platform can save a life! Imagine being stuck in a remote town with two flat tires with a sick child in the car; Help is just a chat away!

Just Talk!

QuickHelp enables you make requests without having to type! With the newly enabled Speech recognision feature (BETA), just hit the record button and make your request!

Partnership Benefits:

As a partner, QuickHelp can rapidly help boost your business. Partners benefits like free website design and support, instant notification on service requests, ad opportunities on the USSD platform, on the website or on the mobile app.

Premium Benefits

For premium end-users, QuickHelp offer benefits like referrals, bonus and sharing earnings. QuickHelp also provide voice and logistics support within the target community for premium users of the platform.


Instant Help, wherever, whenever.

QuickHelp Services

QuickHelp is a FREE community centred business directory and personal emergency services system leveragiing on SMS, USSD and AI technologies. On QuickHelp, users can get immediate access to needed business contacts and receive quick and helpful responses in the event of emergencies or distress.

QuickHelp was created to move existing businesses out of obscurity and give registered startups the much needed publicity for business survival.

Personal Emergency Services/Business Directory

QuickHelp Nigeria provides a robust Directory of verified artisans, SMEs and registered companies that can be freely accessed aided by an AI agent, and a Premium Personal Emergency Service System (PESS) designed to help you during contingencies or crisis.


QuickCredit is an airtime recharge service on QuickHelp that allows you get instant credit while you pay later! To test this service, just try a request like “I need airtime“. The new service on QuickHelp becomes the fastest way to recharge airtime without having to touch your bank account!

QuickHelp Taxi/Bike

QuickHelp Nigeria rapidly helps you get a taxicab with the community based Taxi and Bike Services. To test the service, just make a request like "I need a Taxi" or use the USSD code and select the Taxi Service. Floated in partnership with local Taxi/Bikes operators, Quickhelp Taxi and Bike is a sure and very simple and safe alternative for the rest of us.

QuickHelp's Switch

QuickHelp Nigeria, has a new feature that allows you switch to your favourite brand, if included already on QuickHelp's Talking Website. With Switch (BETA), public FAQ's are automatically fetched from your favourite brand's website, converted to 'Knowets' and made into conversational formats.

QuickBuy/Online Shopping

QuickBuy is an eCommerce arm of QuickHelp Nigeria created to empower local businesses and serve local communities with a dynamic online store and logistics services. With QuickBuy, local businesses are empowered with an online shopping channel that gurantees more sales and increases profits while providing a convenient community based eCommerce system for everyone.

Talking Website

Talking Website is an AI powered widget supported by a user dashboard at the back-end that rapidly installs an AI powered agent on your website. Just like QuickHelp, the widget enables your website converse with your website visitors providing the right instant responses and taking note of the vistors' concerns and with capabilities for human handover.



₦0/ month

  • Free Online & USSD Directory Services
  • Can upgrade to Premium Anytime
  • Buy Airtime/Data
  • Refferal Earnings
  • Delivery Services
  • Business Notifications
  • Access to Cash Bail-outs


₦5,499/ Month

  • Online/USSD/Voice Directory Services
  • Referral Earnings
  • Sales of Airtime/Data
  • Delivery Services
  • Access to QuickCover (Personal Emergency Service Units)
  • Access to Cash Bail-Outs


₦10,499/ Month

  • All Premium benefits
  • Business Opportunities Notifications
  • QuickTaxi, TalkingWebsite and QuickBuy Earnings
  • Free Business Adverts
  • Access to Cash Bail-outs

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QuickHelp Nigeria HQ
QuickHelp Nigeria, Opposite LA Primary School, Kajola-Akile (Modomo), off Ede Road, Ile-Ife

QuickHelp Nigeria Agency
Shop 4, Block 8, Zone D, OAU Central Market, Obafemi Awolowo University Campus, Ile-Ife, Osun State

Phone: (+234 080 3861 5445)

  1. Hello! Good Morning! On QuickHelp, we help with emergencies, business contacts, airtime recharge and even cash bailouts.


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