How it works

QuickBuy is the eCommerce arm of QuickHelp Nigeria created to empower local businesses, and serve local communities! QuickBuy is created to define how local communities shop at local markets and stores.

For Sellers
QuickBuy helps connects sellers to buyers within defined communities. Sellers only register their businesses on the QuickHelp Directory and our Community Directory Managers will verify such businesses and list the goods being offered on QuickBuy. Aside from the free listing, QuickBuy maps such businesses to prospective buyers within their immediate locality and provide logistics and publicity for duly registered and subscribed sellers.

For Buyers
Buyers use QuickBuy to quickly make purchases of items available within their communities. Buyers place order from the QuickBuy Online Shop, and the QuickBuy team responds to such orders by mapping such buyers to Sellers WITHIN THEIR IMMEDIATE communities. The orders are taken with a simple phone call on 09099994357(0909999HELP) or 09090004357(0909000HELP), with a whatsapp call or message, on this website (, or with the QuickHelp mobile Android App.



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